Phases Africa, only use sustainably sources wood to constructs their tree root table bases.  There are only so many hardwood trees that will fall on their own account. Our company has a team of woodworkers that search far and wide into the African bush to find these tree roots for our table bases. Furthermore these trees are often found along rivers and natural springs, but the true mystery lies in the extraordinary root systems. Inosculation is a natural phenomenon in which the roots of two trees of the same specie grow together as in the case of the Materi African hardwood tree featured in this post.

According to Venda folklore, the roots of a Matzeri tree are home to water sprites and if one looks very closely, you can see traces of them in the sacred forest, Thathe Vondo, the veil is very thin, and the folklore is quite extensive!!

This particular root (before it was trimmed) was more than 3 M in diameter with a perpendicular trunk, we estimate the death of this tree to be approximately 60 years ago and originating from the upper catchment area of the Letaba River, where it came down with floods.

Entrance table Tree Root 700H x 1000 x 1300mm

© Phases Africa Entrance Tree Root Table Base 700H x 1000 x 1300mm – Matzeri Wood, African Hardwood

Sustainably Sourced Tree Root Tables 1

Tree Root Table Base African Hardwood, Matzeri Wood – © Phases Africa

Sustainably Sourced Tree Root Tables 3

Tree roots used as Dining Room Table Bases – African Hardwood – © Phases Africa

Sustainably Sourced Tree Root Tables 5

© Phases Africa Hardwood Matzeri Tree Root Table Base 1300 x 1000 x 450 H Coffee Table – Matzeri Wood

African Furniture│tree root table base

Matzeri African Hardwood Tree Root Table Base – Coffee Table 1000 x 1300 x 450 H – © Phases Africa

Matzeri Tree Root Dining Room Table

Cleaning the Tree Root Table Base – before it is trimmed to size. African Hardwood Table Bases – © Phases Africa