All Phases Africa’s woodturnings are turned using only sustainably sourced timbers from South Africa.  These turned side-tables, coffee tables (when used in a cluster as seen in the below image) are made to order.  Below are several examples of styles and finishing options.  The size/s are normally determined by our customers requirements.  Please see notes after the last image on this page.  Refer to this link  

sustainably sourced furniture

Wood turned coffee tables with colour added to the sides.

sustainably sourced woodturnings as side-tables

sustainably sourced woodturnings as side-tables with scorched (burnt) finish

Sustainably Sourced Woodturnings with painted sides

Contemporary African Furniture, Woodturnings

sustainably constructed wood turned side tables

woodturnings with burnt (scorched) finish

Wood Turned Stools

Installed woodturnings with spray painted sides white and navy blue

African Furniture

Image courtesy of Neuehouse Hollywood – Phases Africa’s woodturnings


woodturnings installed at Neuehouse Hollywood – seen here in workshop during production

sustainably sourced wooden side tables

wood turned side tables available in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes.

Side Tables wood-turnings scorched

Black finished woodturnings made using sustainably sourced timbers

African Furniture

Sustainably sourced outdoor (under cover) woodturnings.

Please note:

  • cracking, movement and color variation is part of the natural character and appeal of the product.
  • We strongly recommend not adding color on outside stools, as the outdoor elements: water, wind and sun will weather it rapidly.
  • This product can be placed outside undercover, but should not be exposed to water or full-on sun.
  • We also recommend not placing the turnings directly on rugs due to possible remaining moisture content in the wood.

Size: we can turn these in the sizes you require within reason.  Below the most popular size requests in Millimeters

500d x 400h,
500d x 450h,
500d x 500h,
600d x 400h,
600d x 500h,

Wood Species:

White and Red Eucalyptus

White Poplar


London Plane

Finish Options: scorched (burnt) can also be stained, or spray painted