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Beaded Yoruba Armchairs from Nigeria

African Decor

Yoruba Royal Beaded Chairs – available in solid or multi coloured as pictured here. For more follow this link

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African Beaded Chairs Front View

African Beaded Chairs & Decor 2

African Beaded Armchairs

These African beaded chairs and decor hails from Nigeria in West Africa and was all beaded by hand.  Fist of all, these beaded chairs were originally made for the Yoruba tribe’s royalty.  Furthermore, only the Yoruba’s Kings and Queens as well as, their direct ascendants were the only privileged ones allowed to sit in these chairs.

Constructing one of these furniture pieces is a major task, one beaded chair, can take anywhere from 10 – 14 weeks to be completed, from beginning to end.  These chairs are available in different coloured beads, styles and the sizes can differ somewhat.  Today, these functional artful chairs are seen in lobbies, lounges, bedrooms as well as, waiting rooms and offices in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels, lodges, resorts private homes and contemporary offices across the globe.  For more info on African Beaded Chairs

African Yoruba Armchairs Blue and White Full Arm Rest

African Yoruba Armchairs Blue and White Full Arm Rest

African Beaded Chairs & Decor 3

Yoruba King’s crown from Nigeria. For more info follow this link

This Yoruba King’s crown from Nigeria is worshiped as one of the most cherished beaded objects from Africa. This cone-shaped crown embellished with beaded faces, geometric patterns and birds represents the future as well as, the past of the King or Queen who it was made for.  Therefore, it can only be worn by Yoruba royalty during public and state occasions. The crown is the most important object in royal Yoruba insignia. The beaded strings act as a veil and are attached at the bottom of the crown, thus covering the King’s face and shrouding him from onlookers.  Furthermore, strengthening his role as divine ruler.

Yoruba Beaded Crown - Mixed Colours

Yoruba Beaded Crown – Mixed Colours

African Decor

African Beaded Royal Yoruba King Crowns

Yoruba Nigeria beaded Royal Crown

African Decor Yoruba Nigeria beaded Royal Crown

African Beaded Chairs & Decor 4

African Hand-beaded armchair, Nigeria, Yoruba People

African Beaded Chairs & Decor 5

African Beaded Arm Yoruba Chair – Nigeria

African Beaded Chairs & Decor 6

African Furniture, Handmade Beaded Armchairs

African Beaded Chairs & Decor 7

African Beaded Armchairs, Yoruba People Nigeria

African Decor

African tribal art from Nigeria. Yoruba beaded armchair