These handmade cowhide rugs are constructed using a variety of hair-on-hide sized tiles, that were first cut by hand, and then stitched together to form a single cowhide rug (see images with tile sizes as well as, the colour options below ).

The cowhides are hand selected, top-of-the-line hair-on hide skins, stitched together with virtually unbreakable waxed-cotton thread with a polyester core.   The sustainable backings of the cowhide rugs are made using a 100% recycled rubber, thus ensuring these rugs are sound-absorbing, non-slip and comfortable as well as, uniquely beautiful.

Handmade area rugs

Handmade area rug

Handmade Cowhide Rugs 1

Black and White Handmade Cowhide Rug – with mix of cowhide tile sizes.

Handmade Cowhide Rugs 2

Cowhide Handmade Rug Available Size Tiles – Black and White Colour Option 1

Handmade Cowhide Rugs 3

Hand Stitched Cowhide Rugs – Shades Of Brown Colour Option 2

Handmade Cowhide Rugs 4

Handmade Cowhide Rug – shades of brown with mix of cowhide tile sizes.

Natural Hide Colour Options:

Black and White

Shades of Brown

Care Instructions:

These rugs are suitable for virtually all residential spaces as well as, light corporate & hospitality use, with proper care they can last many years.  However, we do not recommend placing these rugs in high-traffic areas. Cowhide repels almost all stains and is fade-resistant. These rugs are suitable for use on heated flooring (within reason) and will not be harmed by being in direct sunlight.

Handmade Cowhide Rugs 5

Handmade Cowhide Rug Installed

Handmade Cowhide Rugs 6

Handmade area rug – custom sizes and patterns

handmade area rugs

Handmade Rugs

Handmade Cowhide Rugs 7

Installed handmade cowhide Rug 7.5 x 7.5 cm tile sizes in black and white

Handmade Cowhide Rugs 8

Handmade Area Cowhide Rugs Detail

Handmade Cowhide Rugs 9

Bedroom Area Rug – Brownish Cowhide

Handmade Cowhide Rugs 10

Bedroom Area Rug – Cowhide

Handmade Cowhide Rugs 11

Cowhide Handmade Area Rug

Cowhide Living Room Area Rug

Cowhide Living Room Area Rug

Handmade Cowhide Rugs 12

Detailed View – hand-stitched cowhide Rugs – black and white

Handmade Cowhide Rugs 13

Detailed View – hand stitched cowhide Rug – shades of Brown