2020 African Decorating Ideas

2020 African decorating ideas by Phases Africa Furniture & Decor PTY (ltd), a company that has been in the high-end African furniture & home decor import and export business since 2001. In today’s post we have selected just one or two example of product from some of our categorizes; African furniture, lighting fixtures, African decor and handmade area rugs and African art decor, that have been trending in 2020 and will continue to do so into 2021 and beyond.

2020 African Decorating Ideas 1

100% Karakul Wool Rugs Hand-Woven in South Africa

african style lgithing

Cow-bone chandelier available in all shapes and sizes, as well as wall sconces

Entrance table Tree Root 700H x 1000 x 1300mm

Matzeri Wood Roots Dining Room or Entry Table Base – 1300 x 1000 x 700 H

2020 African Decorating Ideas 2

Eucalptus Wood Hand Chiseled Bowl – Size: 440mmW x 380mmH

Brownish wool hand-woven Area Rug

100% Wool Area Rug available in a variety of natural colours

2020 African Decorating Ideas 3

400mmH x 300mmDiam Wood Turned Stools

wood turnings, burnet finish, scorched finished wood turnings, black furniture, side tables, scorched wood furniture, burnt finish wood furniture

Side-Tables Wood Turnings With Burnt Finish (scorched finished.)

2020 African Decorating Ideas 4

African Yoruba Kings beaded crown from Nigeria

This crown can only be worn by a Yoruba King or his direct descendants, during public and state occasions. The crown is the most important object in royal Yoruba insignia. The beaded strings attached at the bottom of the crown covers the king’s face and shrouds him from the onlookers therefore strengthening his role as divine ruler of the Kingdom.

african decor│nupe stools

African hand carved and painted Nupe Stools

Nupe Stools Nigeria Africa

Nigerian Nupe stools hand carved and painted

African Furniture│organic wood stump side-tables natural

African Furniture│organic wood stump side-tables natural

African Furniture│white wood stump side-tables

African Furniture│white wood stump side-tables

2020 African Decorating Ideas 5

side tables – wood turned stools

African Furniture Solid Oakwood Scorched Bench

Solid Oak Bench 2 Meters with Burnt (scorched finish)

Matzeri Tree Root Table Base 1300 x 1000

Matzeri Tree Root Table Base 1300 x 1000

glass chadelier handmade

Recycled Glass Chandelier handmade

glsdd chandelier

Recycled glass chandelier made by hand

African Furniture

Wood Turnings Scorched – 40 by 50 cm H

Hand-Beaded Baskets From Yoruba Tribe - Nigeria

Hand-Beaded Baskets From Yoruba Tribe – Nigeria

African Wood Carved Kalao Bird

African Wood Carved Kalao Bird

2020 African Decorating Ideas 6

African Yoruba beaded armchairs

2020 African Decorating Ideas 7

wood slatted dining room, kitchen , lounger and bar stool


African Furniture│Modern│Traditional

Phases Africa’s collection of African furniture, is a rich blend of traditional handmade African furniture as well as, a new sophisticated modern African style.  As a result, a high presentment of the timber used in constructing the contemporary wooden furniture are sustainable. Therefore, African modern design together with new directions in African craft-work has been one of the hottest trends in the high-end European home furnishings markets.  Finally, African designed products are steadily starting to earn its rightful place in contemporary and modern interior design markets across the globe.

Visitors to Phases Africa’s online showroom, will find a selection of stunning furniture, as well as, one of-a-kind textiles, lighting fixtures, handmade rugs – and an exuberant and eclectic mix of African decor.  Sourcing the goods for Phases Africa collection is an ongoing quest for that “special piece” of unusual beauty, fine workmanship and materials of the highest quality.

African Furniture│Modern│Traditional 8

Wooden Bench – In true South African Style – called “Riempies” Bench

African Furniture│Modern│Traditional 9

African Style Wooden Bench with “Riempies” Seat – Detail View

African Furniture│Modern│Traditional 10

African Furniture│Wood-turnings Side-Table

African Furniture│Modern│Traditional 11

Indoor and Outdoor Lounger available in several colour hand woven seating – Plantation Teak

Tree root tables

Tree root dining table shown here without the glass top

African Furniture│Modern│Traditional 12

African Furniture│Wood and Leather upholstered chair side view

African Furniture│Modern│Traditional 13

African Furniture – Natural Edge Dining Room Table, Steel legs

African Furniture│Modern│Traditional 14

Wood turned side tables

African Furniture│Modern│Traditional 15

African Yoruba beaded armchairs gold-red

African Furniture│Modern│Traditional 16

Wood turned side tables

African Furniture│Modern│Traditional 17

Ostrich skin wing-back chairs

African Furniture│Modern│Traditional 18

Oak-Wood & Leather Chair

African Furniture│Modern│Traditional 19

Mid-Century Modern Chair

African Furniture│Modern│Traditional 20

African Yoruba beaded armchairs gold-red

African Furniture│Modern│Traditional 21

Wood hand-carved Bamileke Bed

African Furniture│Modern│Traditional 22

Slatted Wooden Bench

African Furniture│Modern│Traditional 23

Detail – Slatted Wooden Bench