Sustainably Sourced Lighting

Sustainably sourced, organic materials were used constructing these handmade chandeliers,

celling lights as well as hanging lights and wall sconces.

Materials: glass, porcelain, seeds, clay, seashells, driftwood and shaved cow horn ringlets,

to name a few.

Sizes: as well as shapes eg. round, rectangular or square are some of the shapes the frames are available in.  These frames are, prodomanently made from stainless steel however, there are other options to choose from.

Prices and lead times: contact us 


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Eclectic Home Decor

Eclectic home decor, furniture, unique lighting, handmade area rugs and collectable art procured by Phases Africa.  It is a collection of organic handcrated products that were sustainably sourced, wherever possible. These eclectic home furnishings and decor are procured from artist residing in a variety of African countries on this majestic and diverse continent.


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