Tree root tables, constructed from sustainably sourced African hardwoods.  Furthermore, the process of unearthing a tree’s root system is no small task.  As a result Phases Africa works with a team of outstanding and knowledgeable woodworkers.  Therefor, all our stunning dining room, coffee as well as, conference tree root table bases are meticulously removed using top-of-the-line heavy equipment.  For the reason that, no damage to any part of the root will occur when the removal is professionally managed.  The root is then hauled to the workshop where it undergoes a proper cleaning, using a heavy duty sandblaster. Finally the root is meticulous sanded by hand before the finish wood treatments are applied.

The team of tree root miners, often disappear for weeks at a time, venturing deep into the African Bush in search of fallen trees with spectacular root systems.  The trouble is, often major parts of the tree’s root system are still hidden underground, although we only use trees that have fallen on their own account.   Above all we never cut down trees to use for the making our tree root table bases.  Even more, these professional woodworkers are very au fait at excavating the remaining roots still somewhat ensconced in the earth.  The first example of our tree root table bases is a stunning Coffee Table, made from African Hardwood called Leadwood Size: 1720mm (length) x 900mm (width) x 400mm (height.)

sustainable tree root table

Sustainably Sourced Tree Root Coffee Table Base – Finished product

African Furniture Dining Room Table Bases (unfinished)

African Coffee Table│Tree Root (RAW) – Step for step from sandblasting to handsanding to being polished to bring out the hues – During the process

African Furniture │Tree Root Table Bases

African Leadwood Coffee Table  – After cutting and sanding (unfinished) © Phases Africa

Tree Root Tables│Dining & Coffee 1

Leadwood (African Hardwood) Tree Root Coffee Table with (Photoshoped glass) To show finished Product © Phases Africa


Tree Root Coffee Table African Hardwood (Matzeri)

Sustainably Sourced Tree Root Coffee Tables Created From African Hardwood (Matzeri) extremely rare.

African Furniture, tree root table bases

Unique Tree Root Coffee Table Base – After Cutting and Sandblasting – unfinished


Finished Matzeri Tree Root Coffee Table – process: wax with epoxy on cut surfaces © Phases Africa


African Furniture │Raw Tree Root Dining Room Table

Raw Knobthorne – African Hardwood Tree Root Dining Room Table Base

Tree Root Tables│Dining & Coffee 3

Dining/Conference Tree Root Table Base Knobthorn Wood – African Hardwood – angle 1 – After cutting and sandblasting

Dining, Conference Room Table Bases