Unique Lighting│Cotton Rope 1

Unique Light Fixture hand-weaved cotton with wood beads.

Cotton hanging lights, uniquely hand-weaved using a 100% natural waxed cotton rope.  There are a large variety of cotton rope colours as well as, cable cord colours available in the ball shaped cotton rope hanging light.  There are less colour options in the light fixture with the wooden beads at this time.  The cable cords colours can either matched, as close as possible, to the cotton rope colour, or not.  The cotton rope is either hand-weaved or knotted, in some instances both techniques are applied to create a single lighting fixture.  Available sizes: 70cm or 100cm Diameter.

Unique Lighting│Cotton Rope 3

Unique Cotton Rope Lights – Close-up View

Unique Lighting│Cotton Rope 5

Cotton Rope Hanging Lights – Wood Beads Detail View

Unique Lighting│Cotton Rope 7

Rope Colour Options

unique lights

Cotton Rope & Beaded Unique Light – With or Without Fringe – Blue Grey

There are two cable cord options to to select from. One is handmade cotton rope to match the fixture (request an image) or the fabric covered cable cord option seen below.

Unique Lighting│Cotton Rope 9

Cable Cord Colour options available to select from for both styles of cotton rope light fixtures.

Unique Lighting│Cotton Rope 11

Unique Lights│Colourful Cotton Rope Light Fixtures

Unique Lighting│Cotton Rope 13

Unique Handwoven Cotton Rope Light Fixtures – Ball Shape

The extended rope tassels at the bottom of the ball shaped, handwoven, cotton light fixture are optional. There are 3 available sizes in these fixtures 50, 70 or 100 cm diameter. For available cotton rope colours, please see image of colour swatches below.

Unique Lighting│Cotton Rope 15

Colour Options To Select From

Unique Lighting│Cotton Rope 17

Cotton Rope Hanging Lights – Switched on