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Unique-Cotton-Rope-Light with Beads – all made by hand

Unique Lighting Fixtures 1

Handmade ceramic cherry blossom light fixtures. Available in a variety designs.

Unique Lighting Fixtures by Phases Africa Furniture and Decor PTY ltd.  We have a large variety of top-of-the-line unique light fixtures: Contemporary laser cut unique lighting fixtures in a variety of shapes and colour options.  This same range also has a stunning standing lamp.  Our wood pendant lights are available in a all kinds of sizes and design options, including Bamboo fixtures.  There is cow bone and cow-horn chandeliers, lampshades, and wall sconces in all kinds of shapes and sizes.  Included in our unique lighting collections we have; sustainably sources recycled glass, driftwood and seashells chandeliers and wall lights. And unique ostrich egg chandeliers and standing lamps.

contemporary laser lighting design

Aluminium Hanging Lights – available in a variety of metalic colours including balck or whtie

Unique Lighting Fixtures 3

Aluminium Hanging Lights – gold also available in silver, copper, white and black as seen in below image, a view standing underneath the fixture.

Unique Lighting Fixtures 5

African Lighting & Fixtures

A variety of unique light fixtures including sustainable light fixtures: recycled tumbled glass chandeliers and wall sconces, porcupine table and bedside lamps, aluminum ceiling lights and standing lamps.  Also wood and bamboo pendant lights, horn chandeliers, and wall sconces, rawhide floor lamps, and cotton rope hanging lights.

Phases Africa online store sells these unique light fixtures seen in some of African’s award-winning safari lodges, 5* game-lodges and luxury resorts.    We also ship Internationally

Unique Lighting Fixtures 7

Aluminium Standing Light with 3 different settings. Pictured here top as well as bottom lights are switched on.

Unique Lighting Fixtures 9

Aluminium Standing Light with 3 different settings. Pictured here only the bottom light is switched on.

Unique Lighting Fixtures 11

Aluminium Standing Light with 3 different settings. Pictured here only the top light is switched on.

Lighting & Fixtures

Cow Horn Lighting Fixtures – wall sconces as well as chandeliers

Lighting Fixtures Sustainable Lighting

Lighting Fixtures Sustainably Sourced Lighting

Unique Lighting Fixtures 13

Sustainably Sourced Ceiling Lights

Unique Lighting Fixtures 15

Unique Shell Light Fixture

Lighting and Fixtures

Wood Carved Lighting Fixture

Lighting and Fixtures

Wood Carved Lighting Fixture – View from underneath

Unique Lighting Fixtures 17

Rawhide Standing Lamp – available in 3 sizes.

Standing Floor Lamps are available in 3 sizes: approx 1.8 Meters tall 40 x 40 cm at the widest point, also comes in 2 Meters as well as, 2.4 Meters tall and approx 50 x 50 cm at widest point.

Rawhide Wall Sconce size: 70H x 25W x 35 cm Deep

Unique Lighting Fixtures 19


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