Unique Lighting 1

Sustainably Sourced Lighting Hotel Ballroom

Unique Lighting 3

Sustainably Sourced Organic Ostrich Egg Chandelier

Phases Africa has a large variety of unique lighting fixtures to select from. Ranging from standing lamps made from rawhide and wood or for a more contemporary look, there is the stunning aluminium standing light fixture, with 3 different light settings.  For the minimalist we have a large collection of wood as well as, bamboo pendant lighting fixtures. 

Our sustainable sourced unique recycled tumbled glass chandeliers and wall sconces are available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours to select from.  Other recycled objects such as; seashells and driftwood can be added to these magnificent chandeliers. 

We have a collection of lighting fixtures that are all made using only sustainably sourced natural organic material.  There is a spectacular 1.2 M diam Kudu horn chandeliers as well as, horn and ostrich egg chandeliers or a hanging light made of a cluster of only ostrich eggs. Furthermore, there are also horn wall sconces and horn table lamp bases sold individually or with porcupine quill shade.  These porcupine quill shades are also available in hanging lights including wall sconces. 

For the more rustic interiors we have a variety of some of Africa’s more unique exotic lighting fixtures; Porcupine quill table and bedside lamps as well as, hanging lights and wall sconces.  Spectacular horn chandeliers approx. 1.2 Meter in diameter – seen in several 5 star game lodges in Africa.  Ostrich egg hanging lights and wall sconces.  Popular cow-horn chandeliers and wall sconces

Unique Lighting 5

Porcupine Quill Hanging Light

Unique Lighting 7

Handmade Cotton Rope & Beaded Ceiling Lights

Unique Lighting 9

Sustainably Sourced Recycled Light Fixture Installed

Wabi-Sabi Lights - Stainless Steel - Clay Beaded Chandeliers

Organic and sustainably sourced lighting made from clay beads – for more info follow this link

unique sustainably sourced lighting

Sustainably sourced – Clay Beaded Chandelier – Handmade

Info on the earthenware method – custom sizes can be requested

Size Featured: 1.5 Meters long x 600cm x 600cm

Material: Brushed Stainless steel, earthenware

Available Colours  chocolate brown and terracotta colours (earthenware method) or it can be made in the cream coloured stoneware.

Order Code: LRC -0045BB

Unique Lighting 11

Sustainably sourced lighting – Colour chart for claybeads

A colour chart with the following colour options: named from left to right is also available here

  • White stoneware
  • Blushed Malobi
  • Terracotta
  • Cinnamon
  • Chocolate
  • Charcoal

Unique Lighting 13

Table Lamp – Porcupine Quill Shade with Polished Kudu Horn Base.

unique lighting

Organic hanging lights made by hand using cotton yarn.

All these fixtures are made to order and some can be tweaked to suit your specifications.  Please contact us for lead times and prices.