Wabi-Sabi, the latest trend in handmade interior design is a very familiar concept in Africa.  The description on Wikipedia  – “In traditional Japanese aesthetic, wabi-sabi () is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”

In Africa we are quite au fait with the concept of Wabi-Sabi for the reason that traditional tribal handmade art in Africa are purely based on this very concept. Due to products such as chiselled, hand-carved, and handmade African Art, Furniture as well as, Africa Decor, will indeed mirror the beauty, talent as well as the imperfections of humans.

The African wooden bed featured on our main page, of this post, was hand carved by the Senufo people, residing in West Africa, each bed is uniquely different (see more examples below.)  These beds were predominantly used during siesta time, and not for sleeping on during the night.  A great percentage of these beds as well as, all the stools were carved out a single piece of wood.  These beds can either be used as a sculptural element in any room or as a coffee table in a residential or commercial spade.

Wabi-Sabi | Handmade In Africa 1

wabi-sabi African decor handmade Senufu very rare wood-bed

Wabi-Sabi | Handmade In Africa 3

African Senufo bed hand-carved from a single piece of wood

Wabi-Sabi | Handmade In Africa 5

African Senufo Bed From Ghana 2Mx50x36cmH

Wabi-Sabi - trending interior design made in Africa

African Wall Art Yoruba Beaded Lizard

wabi-sabi, africa, interior design

Senufo Bed – Ivory Coast – 1,8 x57x 30cmH

Wabi-Sabi | Handmade In Africa 7

Wabi-Sabi, hand-carved African Choukoue Masks, Congo

Wabi-Sabi | Handmade In Africa 9

Wabi-Sabi, Africa Natural Senufu Stool 49H x 40W x 63L cm

african decor, old african grain pots

Wabi Sabi, African decor old African grain pots

Wabi-Sabi | Handmade In Africa 11

Wabi-Sabi – old african grain pots (seen in above image) turned around and painted – serves as the perfect side tables

Wabi-Sabi | Handmade In Africa 13

Africa’s Wabi-Sabi Design, hand-carved Nupe stool Size: 39Lx35Wx25cm

Wabi-Sabi | Handmade In Africa 15

Wabi-sabi trending 2019 interior design – Nupe natural wooden stools

Wabi-Sabi Africa Lifesize Kalao Bird

Wabi-Sabi Africa, Kalao Bird

Wabi Sabi Tonga and Batonga African Stools

Wabi-Sabi, Made In Africa, Hand-carved Tonga and Batonga African Stools

Wabi-Sabi | Handmade In Africa 17

Wabi-Sabi trending interior design made in Africa – handmade Tonga wooden stools

Yoruba, African armchairs and beaded crowns

Wabi-Sabi beaded armchairs from Yoruba, Nigeria.

Beaded Yoruba Lizard Wall Hanging

Wabi-Sabi trending interior design – African art beaded Yoruba lizards wall hanging

Wabi-Sabi | Handmade In Africa 19

African Yoruba beaded armchairs

Wabi-Sabi | Handmade In Africa 21

Yoruba beaded kings and queens crowns from Nigeria