The perfect wall decor by Paul van Schalkwyk a native of Namibia.  Paul was born in 1955, and in 1962, he took his first picture and instantly lost his heart to the mystical world of photography.   In 1964, Paul boarded a private plane for the first time which ultimately leads to his first solo flight in 2002. Since then he has logged more than 1000 hours in the sky in constant pursuit to capture, his interpretation, of that “god’s eye” view of the world.
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Paul van Schalkwyk Wondering Dunes 2

Paul has won more than 50 awards, both locally and internationally, for his work as photographer, cinematographer, director and writer. His photographs continuously published in various local and international publications that include National Geographic, Geo, Stern and Go magazine.

Wall Decor│Paul Van Schalkwyk 1
Paul van Schalkwyk Black Velvet
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Paul van Schalkwyk Desert Storm

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Paul van Schalkwyk Green House Chinguar

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Paul van Schalkwyk Maasai Dance Amboselli

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Paul van Schalkwyk Maasai Village

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Paul van Schalkwyk Ethosha 18

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Paul van Schalkwyk Glow

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Paul van Schalkwyk Silver Dunes

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Paul van Schalkwyk Skeleton Coast 12

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Paul van Schalkwyk Skeleton Coast Dunes

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Paul van Schalkwyk Wondering Dunes 2

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Paul van Schalkwyk Wondering Dunes 7

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