Wood & bamboo pendant lights are designed using high-end fine grained Birch plywood.  The wood pendant lights are also available in a variety of styles, in natural wood finishes, or can be spray-painted in a colour.  Please visit our lighting fixtures product page to view more options and read the complete description of each lighting fixture.  Each pendant light has a order code that you would need to use as reference when contacting us; for a price, lead time as well as placing orders.

Many of the wood pendant light fixtures are designed in order to be ‘flat-packed’ – accompanied with complete assemble instructions. This method is more cost effective for shipping costs, world wide.  Please note that all these fixtures can be ordered assembled.

Wood & Bamboo Pendant Lights 1

Bamboo Pendant Light (in the switched on position)

Wood & Bamboo Pendant Lights 2

Bamboo Pendant Lighting Fixture

Wood & Bamboo Pendant Lights 3

ceiling woven bamboo light

Wood & Bamboo Pendant Lights 4

Bamboo light fixture

Wood & Bamboo Pendant Lights 5

woven bamboo lighting fixture


Wooden ceiling hanging lights (in the switched on possession)

Wood & Bamboo Pendant Lights 6


Ceiling Wood Light Fixtures

Ceiling Wood Light Fixtures

Wood & Bamboo Pendant Lights 7

Light Fixture Made From Wood available in 3 different sizes – small, medium and large